REELING - A play by Sean Gregory

REELING - A play by Sean Gregory
art by Angela Guyton (Click on image for artists website)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Road to the 24:7 Festival - Producers Guide

Media Launch at The Contact

I had an interesting afternoon yesterday, attending the Media Launch for the festival. It was great to get a taste of the other shows involved, as well as a chance to intrigue others and sell our own show. The launch presentation was introduced by the Chairman (Actor), John Henshaw, who spoke about festivals appeal to non theatre goers. He was followed by the Corrie actress, Vicky Binns, who spoke about the festivals development and how it is always looking to do something new. I got chance to speak to both of them during the event and they seemed to be lovely down to earth people, just the way actors who I like should be. What followed was a 20 minute presentation with 5 Promotional Video’s and 5 Live performances. This gave a nice structure to the event, though personally I think Video is the better promo format. In that, it can used again for marketing adding value for more.

Our video was first! Which was great but, I also had concerns we would be forgotten by then end of the event. Hopefully this wasn’t the case. I would recommend more than a week edit. Joel our technical director was given the job of post production sound. Which he did a great job and all in one day! But there was some difficulty in getting the Credits on to the piece, which resulted in no claps from the audience. I think this was because of a combination of being first up, no credits, and the music for the second piece coming straight after. I say this because during the ‘networking’ after the presentation there was a good response from the people I talked to. Richard (our director), who hadn’t seen the promo until that point, thought it was excellent and enough to intrigue the audience, which was our aim. (Me, the writer – Sean, film maker David and Joel).

Though I only spoke to few people from the press, I had my first radio interview with WFM radio. Thankfully not a national station as my answer to the question, ‘How are finding the whole process’ being ‘I just love this play’, might not have been the most articulate response! Luckily Richard knew exactly what to say, Thank you. It was great to have someone there who knew the score.


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