REELING - A play by Sean Gregory

REELING - A play by Sean Gregory
art by Angela Guyton (Click on image for artists website)

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Praise for Reeling

A sell out first show, and not far off for the second, our time at 24:7 has been fantastic so far. Watching front of house staff having to find more seats to accommodate the audience was affirming to say the least. Everyone involved in 24:7 has been lovely; it's good to feel like everybody is supportive of all of the shows and the festival as a whole.

Today, Louise, Jo and myself saw The Bluest Blue and Sheepish, which were both excellent. The quality of plays is at such a high standard; I also saw Hatch yesterday which I'd highly recommend.

Tomorrow's our matinee, after which we'll be back in to watch another three plays. Particularly looking forward to seeing Make Believe.

So, now that they're starting to filter in, here's a selection of reviews for Reeling:

...a fascinating idea and a brilliantly original way for these sisters to examine their lives and reveal things that they have never previously been able to talk about.

Louise-Clare Henry is excellent as the younger sister who stayed with her mother with superb delivery of many cutting wisecracks... Joanne Smart is also good as the uptight, wary older sister...

David Chadderton, British Theatre Guide.

Reeling is a fine piece of writing


Natalie Anglesey, City Life

Families in crisis are nothing new in the theatre but there is a freshness to the script by Sean Gregory. Gregory handles with sensitivity the difficult subject of caring for a parent whose increasing frailty has become a burden. He is an evocative writer - using a snatch of a song to remind the sisters of their late mother...

There is a risk that the varying moods in the play could lead to a disjointed piece of work. Although the comedy -and even horror elements- are not ignored director Richard Vergette ensures that they fit seamlessly into the evolving story of the two sisters and so enhance rather than distract from their story. In a classy touch, he does not use standards on the soundtrack but original music by Josephine.

The acting is of a high standard. Although not physically similar, Henry and Smart have great chemistry that makes them convincing as sisters and so able to show the thousand nagging resentments that build up over time. Henry gives Alice an underlying vulnerability that off-sets the resentment she shows on the surface. Smart makes Jude a borderline neurotic consumed by guilt and married to a man whom she has come to loathe

The 24/7 Festival always has a gem or two that stand out from the rest of the shows and so far Reeling is the outstanding play for 2010.


Dave Cunningham, What's On Stage

Sales are going well for the last three shows (Friday 20th at 12.30, Saturday 31st at 6pm, Sunday 1st at 2pm).

Thanks to everyone who has been to see us, or is coming down over the next few days,


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